Alone, you’re ice, I am fire.
Together, we’re two extremes.
You’re the ice cooling my fire,
I’m the nightmares waving away your dreams.
I am the chaos shaking your order,
You’re the sense missing to my madness,
I’m the light illuminating your darkness,
I am a noisy storm, and you are the quietness.


Sweet Poison

You’re my poison,
You’re an addiction…
When you’re not around,
The world brings me to the ground.
Sweet Poison,
I’ve tried to find a reason,
But, with you, I bound,
In you, I’ve found,
Something sweeter,
Something bitter…
My sweet poison,
You break my reason,
You’re my loved addiction.

Hide and Sick

I refuse to face my heart issues.
I’ve tattooed a smile on my face,
I’ve painted happiness, all over my face.
And I pretend that I never kissed you,
And I pretend that I never loved you.
But for how long can I pretend?
When will it end?
This game of sick and hide,
This game where I denied,
To love someone else,
To be someone else…
To love you.

What I wanted, killed me

I’ve killed myself by loving somebody else. It killed me to let him go but did I really have a choice? How long could I pretend to be satisfied from this? From him? From us? I would have been loving him more, I would have wanted more and he would have been running away, leaving me with my sexpectation, my relationshit. I know. He would have. And still, it killed me, it is killing me. I let go a part of me, I let go the one I love for a fulfillment of what is expected from me, for what I thought was a better deal, for a lie, for the lie.
Because, I want the lie, I want to believe one person would love me and me alone. This is what I want and still… It hurts to let the one thing you love, this person that cannot give you what you want but that you love, to let him go. What I want, killed me.